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TRREB Members and GTA REALTORS® Running in the Municipal Election

GTA REALTORS® Running in the Municipal Election

44 and Counting TRREB Members and GTA REALTORS® Seeking Municipal Office

The Municipal Election is fast approaching on October 24, 2022! TRREB reached out to it’s Members to find out who is running so we can share with the membership and public.

TRREB is calling on municipal election candidates to address:

  • lengthy development approval processes, and exclusionary zoning, which delay or prevent new supply of homes;
  • high development fees that drive up the price of homes;
  • significant upfront costs like the Municipal Land Transfer Tax that strain home buyer budgets and discourage existing home owners from offering their homes for sale; and
  • potential new policies like mandatory home energy audits, which could interfere with and delay the home selling and buying process and should be voluntary.

Below is the list of candidates we are aware of who are REALTORS® in the Greater Toronto Area. We encourage you to review their platforms to see how they propose to address housing affordability issues.

AVTAR MINHASWard 1 – Etobicoke NorthCouncillorToronto
SUBHASH CHANDWard 1 – Etobicoke NorthCouncillorToronto
STEVE YUENWard 4 – Parkdale-High ParkCouncillorToronto
STEVEN LECAWard 9 – DavenportCouncillorToronto
MUHAMMAD AYUBWard 21 – Scarborough CentreCouncillorToronto
CYNTHIA LAI (incumbent)Ward 23 – Scarborough NorthCouncillorToronto
ZAKIR PATEL (incumbent)Ward 19 – Scarborough GuildwoodToronto District School Board TrusteeToronto
DIANNA ROBINSONWard 22 – Scarborough-Rouge ParkToronto District School Board
KAREN REA (incumbent)Ward
CHRISTINE CALANCHIEWard 2 & 6York Region District School Board English Public TrusteeMarkham
ABU ALAMRegional CouncillorRichmond
RAIKA SHEPPARD (incumbent)Ward 4CouncillorRichmond
GRACE SIMON (incumbent)Ward 1CouncillorNewmarket
TARA ROY-DiCLEMENTE (incumbent)Ward 2CouncillorEast
LAURIE BLAIND MACKIERegional ChairDurham Region
JIM ABERNETHYWard 4CouncillorClarington
ALI MARANIWard 2Regional
MICHELLE LEONG FRANCISWard 3Durham District School Board TrusteePickering
ALEX DOWNWard 5Regional
JANE HURST (incumbent)Ward
MALEEHA SHAHIDRegional CouncillorWhitby
TREVOR JOHNSTONWard 4CouncillorKawartha Lakes
BABITA GUPTAWard 2 & 6Regional CouncillorBrampton
STACY ANN BROOKSWard 1 & 5CouncillorBrampton
TEJESHWAR SOINWard 3 & 4CouncillorBrampton
CHERYL RODRICKSWard 7 & 8CouncillorBrampton
ARSALAN BAIGWard 9 & 10CouncillorBrampton
MANPREET OTHIWard 9 & 10CouncillorBrampton
MANSOOR MIRZAWard 2 & 6Peel District School Board TrusteeBrampton
SYED RAZA JAFFERYWard 2CouncillorMississauga
AMIR ALIWard 7CouncillorMississauga
LEN LITTLEWard 9CouncillorMississauga
KHALID MAHMOODWard 10CouncillorMississauga
ANNURAG CHAWLAWard 11CouncillorMississauga
LEEANN COLEWard 1 & 7School Board English Public TrusteeMississauga
ANTHONY CAPUTOWard 4, 5 & 6Regional CouncillorCaledon
SAMMY IJAZWard 3Regional CouncillorMilton
NUSRAT AWANEnglish Public School Board Trustee (Simcoe County School Board)
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