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Making a Positive Impact: REALTORS Care® Week

Realtors Care Week

Each year, we take part in REALTORS Care® Week to make the world a better place. It’s a time when TRREB Members volunteer and fundraise in support of important shelter-based charities, food banks and helplines.

Giving back is also something that our Members do all year-round. Together, we support local charities through the Ontario REALTORS Care® Foundation (ORCF) Every REALTOR® Campaign. Keep reading to discover how this initiative works to make a positive impact across our communities.

  1. Shelters
  2. Our Members know a home is a safe haven. That’s why they contribute to Fred Victor. The charity is on a mission to improve the health, income and housing for people experiencing poverty. This spring, they applauded TRREB Members for helping end homelessness with anew shelter, providing 86 new housing units.

    Hear from Faith, who used the services of Fred Victor and is now a volunteer. She shares how resources, such as meal programs, job training and counselling, transformed her life.

  1. Food Banks
  2. One of fourteen food banks supported by Members is Building Roots. This organization runs programs that provide access to fresh food while also creating a sense of community.

    Hannah, a Building Roots volunteer, describes how the donations from TRREB Members provide healthy foods, including fresh eggs, fruits and vegetables, for people in need.

  1. Charities
  2. Our Members give back to Furniture Bank. Since 1998, this charity distributes gently-used furniture and housewares to families and individuals experiencing furniture poverty. Furniture Bank Volunteer Lena shares how furniture donations help create a safe home.

The donations raised through the ORCF also support women and children through Shelter Movers. This organization provides free moving and storage services for those fleeing abusive situations. Cherlyne a volunteer with Shelters Movers, tells a story about a woman and her young daughter who found the courage to leave and reclaim their lives.

None of this would be possible without the REALTORS® Care donations from TRREB Members. Get inspired through more stories from our Members and how they offer a helping hand.

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