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Are Condos a Good Investment?

The pandemic impacted Canada in many ways, including the real estate market. The industry was quickly able to adapt to virus conditions by relying on technology solutions like virtual open houses and e-signatures to facilitate t...

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A Spotlight on GTA Real Estate in 2023

Are the Bank of Canada’s (BoC) interest rate hikes influencing the GTA real estate market? There have certainly been some developments in the last year. On the one hand, demand has declined alongside prices. On the other, the averag...

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The Best Home Renovations for the Biggest ROI

Pandemic living has changed how Canadians think about renovations: according to the RE/MAX 2021 Renovation Investment Report, more than half of Canadians renovated their homes during the year. While only 16 per cent explicitly re...

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Buying in a Buyer’s Market

Following the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, the Canadian real estate market accelerated into a seller’s market. With the Bank of Canada (BoC) slashing interest rates to near zero and the national economy being flooded with b...

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Address Change Checklist

There is nothing like receiving a handwritten note from a loved one, delivered the old-fashioned way directly to your mailbox. Sure, bills, letters, cards, and more can easily and more efficiently be accessed online, but where i...

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Child-Friendly Home Renovations

As any parent knows, having kids means making sure your home is a safe and comfortable place for them to play, explore, and grow. But small renovations are a great place to start if you want to go beyond the basics of childproofing and crea...

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7 Reasons to Move to Lethbridge in 2023

Lethbridge is in the south-central region of Alberta, close to the US border and the Rocky Mountains. Its prime location makes it a central hub for transportation and business for Southern Alberta. The city has experienced significant popul...

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How to Incorporate an Office in Your Small Space

Are you working from home but struggling to find the perfect spot to set up your office? If you’re living in a small space, it can be challenging to carve out an area that meets your needs. But don’t worry! With some creativity and stra...

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