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7 Tips for Buying Under Balanced Market Conditions

For the last couple of years, much of the Canadian real estate market has been tilted in favour of sellers. More recently, the pendulum has swung toward buyers amid slowing sales activity, moderating prices, and broader economic uncertain...

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Homebuyers in Canada Crave Community Connections

How important is a sense of community to homebuyers in Canada? When it comes to the Canadian housing market, insight offers a powerful edge. Understanding what homebuyers in Canada want, think, expect and do is essential, and it’s...

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What is a Vendor Take Back Mortgage?

A vendor take back mortgage, also known as VTB mortgage, is a type of financing arrangement in Canada that involves the seller of a property lending money to the buyer to help them purchase the property. In a vendor take back mortgage, the ...

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How to Flip a House

House flipping has been on the rise for some time, and with several popular house-flipping television shows being broadcast daily across the country, it is easy to see why it is so appealing. A thirty-minute episode makes the overall proces...

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